Pointy Pencil Block  - August's #quiltblockmania

Pointy Pencil Block - August's #quiltblockmania

It's the first Tuesday of the Month, so it's time again for another installation of quilt block mania block!

August's theme was Back to School and we used this palette from Design Seeds.


So I came up with this simple but fun 12" Pointy Pencil Block! This block is simpler than it looks and requires no templates at all!


I whipped up this adorable yellow pencil version and added a border to get a 15" block.


I decided to put a border on the left and top side to make it a 15" mini quilt. Then I used some Aurifil Canary Yellow (2120) thread to quilt some matchstick lines. 


12" BLOCK TUTORIAL (finished) 


  • Please read through all instructions before beginning.
  • Press all seams open (or in preferred direction) unless specified.
  • Seam allowances are 1/4" unless specified.
  • RST = Right Sides Together
  • A 12½ square ruler is recommended for accurately trimming the block.
  • This includes the block only. If you would like to make a 15" block, you will need two additional pieces of FABRIC A. See the MINI QUILT project below for more details.



Cut as directed and label each cut with letter/number in the [bracket]. 

From FABRIC 1, cut:

(1) 7" square [A1]


From FABRIC B, cut:

    (2) 2¾″ × 12″ strips [B1]


    From FABRIC C, cut:

    (1) 4½″ × 14″ strip [C1]


    From FABRIC D, cut:

    (1) 6½″ square [D1]


    From FABRIC E, cut:

    (1) 3½″ square [E1]



    1. Prepare the A1 and D1 squares by cutting each in half diagonally.

    2. Using a fabric marking tool, prepare the E1 block by marking a line from one corner to the opposite corner on the wrong side of the fabric.



    1. Use E1 square to create the triangle pencil tip on the corner of the D1 triangle using the Stitch and Flip Method.

    2. Lay out (2) B1 and (1) C1 strips as shown to the right, making sure the left sides are lined up evenly. Sew together to create the pencil body.

     3. Sew the pencil tip (from step 1) to the left side of the pencil body (from step 2).

    4. Sew (1) A1 triangle on the top and the bottom of the pencil body.

     5. Starting at the pencil tip corner, use a ruler to trim the block to 12½″ square.

    6. Your “POINTY PENCIL” block now complete! Finish as desired. Share your finished quilt on social media!



    To add borders on the left and bottom side for a 15" finished block, follow these directions.


    • (1) 3½″ × 12½″ [A2]
    • (1) 3½″ × 15½″ [A3]



    How great of a back to school gift would this be? Oooooooohhhh....I think a tote bag is totally in my future! What would you make with this block?


    Until later, happy sewing!


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    Thanks for the cute pencil pattern. I hope it goes to my inbox. Thanks for participating.


    Great block, and I like how you quilted it.

    Carole at From My Carolina Home

    Cute block!!

    Kresti Lyddon

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