Riley Blake Misting Spray Bottle

Riley Blake Misting Spray Bottle

Don't tell the quilt police, but my favorite feature on an iron is steam. I love me some steam and I love to steam everything! Unfortunately, every iron I've tried does not love steam. I've given up on being able to put water in an iron because they all seam to leak and or rust. It's frustrating.

So, I've been in the market for some sort of mister to use with my iron. Riley Blake came out with a new Misting Spray Bottle last year and I decided that I had to try it out!



Since it's June 1st, I also thought it would be fun to take part in the #rbdblockchallenge and make a couple versions of Block #10 - the Bow Tie block. I used the super cute Pindrop fabric that was left over from the Retro Rainbow version of my On the Edge pattern I made last month.



I used water in this misting bottle and I really like the fine mist that you get. I tried a regular spray bottle once and it just drenched my fabric. Nope.



I also like that you hold the trigger there is a continuous stream that lasts a couple don't have to keep pumping like a regular spray bottle. So, after a couple of light spritzes and a press, the seams on this block were flat!



For fun, I decided to make another block.



I do use starch sometimes, but I really prefer to use water and this new misting bottle helps me successfully do that!



I even love this cute graphic on the back of the bottle!



So the verdict is in - I love it! I'm thrilled to have a new tool in my sewing room! I can't wait to use it again on my next project!



Until later, happy sewing! (and pressing!)

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